Meet the Team

As part of the project, we have extremely dedicated and committed members of staff who are contributing in their own ways. We have tried to ensure that we have specialists in all areas of Technology - but have also included our Science department to ensure that the students taking part in the project and understanding the technologies can really do so from both perspectives.

One of the most important things to us is for students to see the cross-overs between the two subjects and really understand that Science and Technology really do go hand-in-hand!

Lorna Evans (Project Lead)
Teacher of Design and Technology

"Leading this project is something I am absolutely loving doing - taking what was just a small idea I had on a course at the National STEM Learning Centre and actually being able to bring it to life with the help of Rolls-Royce has been fabulous. Being able to inspire the students of Parkside School with the knowledge and understanding of new and emerging technologies has been one of the highlights of my teaching career so far. Watching students develop in confidence and seeing their ideas literally coming to life via 3D printing has been fantastic to watch - and I hope to be able to continue this project long after this academic year. Being a Finalist in the Rolls-Royce Schools Prize for Science and Technology is certainly something which has created an atmosphere of purpose in our lessons and extra-curricular sessions - something we are thriving on each day at Parkside School."

Helen Dunn
KS4 and KS5 Lead and Teacher of Design and Technology

"As the KS4 & KS5 lead for Design and Technology, I am really excited to be part of the project and to work closely alongside other members of the department to ensure we are successful and the plans are embedded into our curriculum in the long term.

This project is a great achievement for both the department and school. It shows modernisation and how forward thinking we are in embedding new knowledge into our ever-changing subject. I am thoroughly enjoying working with a great mix of students through an extra-curricular club, and developing many skills from problem solving, creativity and the use of ICT in design. I am beginning to see the opportunities the project is providing, and by purchasing equipment which can be utilised in our curriculum and allow our learners to realise their designs fully using industry standard techniques. Students throughout our key stage years are now able to learn and put into practice this technology which is so exciting!"

Sarah Trowers
Head of KS3 Technology and Teacher of Food

Andrew Mangham
Teacher of Engineering

James Windle
Teacher of Science

Sarah Osgerby
Design and Technology Technician