Exam Results 2020

Today we and schools nationally have received the following rules / guidance from the Government and Ofqual about the awarding of exam grades to students for the academic year 2019-2020. We have attached this information for you in order that you are aware of the process that schools have been asked to undertake.

Here at Parkside School we will clearly be following these directives and providing the requested detailed information to the required awarding body/bodies, at the earliest opportunity.

Could we highlight that grades given by schools;

  • Will not be requested until after Easter and will be submitted NO EARLIER than 29th May 2020
  • Are 'directed' by the protocols / rules / QA procedures of Ofqual and the awarding exam bodies
  • Schools cannot deviate from the protocols/rules
  • Schools cannot share this information with parents/carers

Should you have any queries with regard to this matter, please contact Ofqual and the relevant professional bodies ( and use the links contained within the information) as, unfortunately, schools are not in a position to discuss matters given the clarity of direction given to them. We will continue to update everyone as and when further information is received.

Performance Information

Parkside Performance Tables