• New 'House' Competition
New 'House' Competition

New 'House' Competition

Hi all,

Some exciting news. As you may or may not be aware, we have started the house competitions with students and staff following the re-launch and this first competition is a reading and review one. It is vital for the House system to succeed we need everyone to support and get involved where possible.

This idea and design was created by one of our own Sixth Form students on the House student leadership team. Reading is a fantastic way to explore your imagination and widen your vocabulary and something we want to encourage here at Parkside.

We would like you all to continue reading if you already do so, or pick up a book if you don’t! After you’ve read the thrilling book, we would like you to compose a review of the book, explaining to us your feelings, your favourite character and the storyline using the template. If you manage to get through a book before the deadline then read another and submit a second entry.

What are you waiting for? Pick up that book!

All entries are to be submitted to via email with the completed word document (Book Review Template below) to either of the following emails; / /

The deadline for this competition is 15 February 2021

Many thanks for your continued support and good luck!

House leadership team