• Mussel Power

Mussel Power

Last week 8kg of mussels were delivered free of charge to Parkside school as part of an incentive by FISH HEROES in partnership with Offshore Shellfish which aims to ensure that every child gets a chance to prepare, cook and eat fish before they leave school. For one class of year 7s it was their first ever practical food lesson at Parkside school, (normally they would start with preparing a fruit salad!) but they rose to the challenge and created moules marinière. Despite an initial reservation about trying the mussels, the majority of students loved eating them. Contextual learning prior to the practical explained how care must be taken in checking the mussels and preparation. Students also learnt how sustainable it is to harvest rope grown mussels, and that currently over 80% of mussels harvested by UK fishermen are sent to be consumed in France. Two more practical lessons followed, year 11 hospitality & Catering students, made ‘Angry Mussels’ following a Jamie Oliver recipe, and the year 12 Food Science & Nutrition students made mussel dishes two ways and focused on restaurant quality presentation.

Quote from Mrs Trowers – Lead Practitioner and Teacher of Food ‘We love inspiring and challenging our students when it comes to food and cooking and it was absolutely fantastic to see students rising to the challenge and enjoying eating the mussels #highchallengehighsupport