• No brick wall for girls wanting to be builders!
No brick wall for girls wanting to be builders!

No brick wall for girls wanting to be builders!

Parkside held an assembly for year nine girls entitled Challenging Stereotypes in the World of Construction.

Sally Hall, who works for Bunton Plant Hire, gave the students an insight into women in construction.

The school felt it was necessary to challenge a widely-held view that construction was only for men, and offered support for female students to find a route into the profession.

It was reacting to research that showed the existing construction workforce was made up of just 12% women.

A survey by housebuilder Keepmoat revealed that only 13% of women aged 16 to 35 would consider a construction career.

More positively, other research showed that 37% of new entrants into the industry coming from higher education women.

Parkside assistant head Jo Sykes said: "As a school we need to educate our students on a whole variety of career pathways so they can make informed choices post 16 and 18.

“Last year we introduced a work visit for all of our Y10 students. Bunton’s supported us in this event and offered 15 places for those with an interest in their sector, and all places were taken up by boys!

“After auditing our current year tens in preparation for their work visit 14 have expressed an interest in construction... again all boys.

“As a result of this we have targeted year nine girls and are hoping that in 2019-20 we will have our first female expression of interest in this line of work."