• MP's call to support Parkside School's future engineers
MP's call to support Parkside School's future engineers

MP's call to support Parkside School's future engineers

Philip Davies wants companies to provide the school with mentoring, services, or cash for materials and manufacturing.

He said such support would enable the “engineers of the future” to achieve further success in technology competitions at a local and national level.

Mr Davies, whose constituency includes Parkside, made the call after visiting the school to chat with students about their engineering projects.

Pupils recently experienced success in the Tomorrow’s Engineers EEP Robotics Challenge where they were asked by the RAF to complete tasks requiring required creativity, ingenuity, teamwork and resilience.

Students won the regional heat held at RAF Scampton, home of aerobatic team the Red Arrows, then moved to the Big Bang Fair where they won the national Award for Robotic Design against stiff competition.

Students showed Mr Davies how the robots performed, and explained they wanted to create a rescue robot that could deliver humanitarian aid in a crisis situation.

School spokesman said: “Mr Davies was extremely impressed by the professionalism and maturity of the students when they were telling him about their achievements, and he hailed them as the future of engineering in the area.

“He highlighted the fact that these pupils represented the future workforce in the area and was keen to encourage them in any way possible.”

Students also outlined plans to take part in a similar competition based around designing a carbon dioxide powered Formula 1 car.

The spokesman added: “These competitions represent a great opportunity for local companies to introduce themselves to students and have an impact on the employees of the future.”

“Although pupils have already competed in the F1 in Schools competition their ambitions are high and they would like to step up and compete at the next level.

“This involves raising a substantial amount of sponsorship and Mr Davies was keen to offer his support for this new challenge in any way possible.”

Mr Davies said this was superb opportunity for local organisations and companies to support the students, and they should contact the school to offer help.

The teams are currently sponsored by Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd, based in Shipley, but would welcome further support from companies in the area.

The support could include mentoring students, offering the use of their services, providing fun thing for materials and manufacturing.

Anyone interested should contact Ian Lewis at Parkside School by emailing