• Early Finish 19th July 2019
Early Finish 19th July 2019

Early Finish 19th July 2019

Firstly, can I please thank you for all your help and support with both your child/children and the school this year.

On Friday 19 July 2019, we have arranged for the buses to collect the students at approximately 1.30pm, to leave the school site and the Cenotaph at 1.45pm. If your child does not use school transport, please can you make alternative arrangements to collect them from the top of Parkside Terrace, to reduce traffic congestion near the school.

If you cannot collect your child at this time, we can make arrangements to supervise students until 'normal' closing hours. If this arrangement is required, please contact your child's Student Support Leader (SSL) for their year, as per below to advise them of this:

Year 7 Mr Shaun Walker -

Year 8 Mr Rob Mitchell -

Year 9 Mr Phil Clapham -

Year 10 Mr Derek Radcliffe -

Have a safe and relaxing Summer and we look forward to working with you in September 2019.

Yours sincerely,

Mr B Tague

Deputy Head, Behaviour and Inclusion