• Race to top for Parkside designers
Race to top for Parkside designers

Race to top for Parkside designers

They are competing against students across the globe to create a new brand identity for F1 motor racing.

The Cullingworth school joined the annual Formula 1 in Schools competition the first time this year, entering 14 students led by team managers Oliver Rhodes, Tomas Windle and Ewan Miller.

Lydia Cooper, a science teacher at Parkside, said the contest involved students creating a brand identity for F1.

She said: “Each member of the group is responsible for a specific role ranging from team manager to mechanical engineer.

“The group must work together to develop their brand through sourcing sponsorship, designing a carbon dioxide propelled car, creating a team logo, and presenting the project through a portfolio, as well as a verbal presentation.”

The students have already carried out a range of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) activities to help them design vehicles and look at their shapes and construction materials.

Mrs Cooper said: “They have looked to nature and existing ‘fast shapes’ to give them inspiration. They have made a catapult and tested the aerodynamics of different shapes, before switching to looking at how the same shapes behaved in fluids.

“The teams were also privileged to be invited to an aerodynamics masterclass at the University of Bolton with Formula professionals.”

The next challenge facing the Parkside teams will be to get to grips with computer aided design (CAD) using industry-standard software, and testing their designs in a virtual wind tunnel.

Mrs Cooper added: “By competing in this competition Parkside School hopes to raise more awareness of STEM and careers prospects with students, parents and the local community.

“We will encourage more students to get involved with engineering, problem solving and building the skills that can be transferred into their future careers.

“This is great opportunity for local companies to introduce themselves to students and to have an impact on the employees of the future.”

The teams are currently being sponsored by Kay-Dee Engineering Plastics Ltd, based in Shipley, and Extreme Lounging of Keighley.

They are looking for further companies who can support the teams through use of their services, mentoring, or donations for the materials and manufacturing of their vehicles.

Anyone able to help should contact Mrs Cooper at Parkside School.

Sponsors’ company logos will be displayed on the final car designs, the team shirts worn at the competition, and in school publications.