Additional House Info

The Structure

House Captain/Vice Captain

Year 7 House reps

Year 8 House reps

Year 9 House reps

Year 10 House reps

Year 11 House reps



  • All aspects of school life will be incorporated into the inter house competition.
  • Attendance/Punctuality
  • A2L
  • Homework
  • P4P
  • Money raised for different charities
  • Yellow cards/Red cards
  • Winter sports competitions
  • Sports day
  • Faculty competitions (one per year group and the points will be added up to give an overall winner for each faculty)
  • Literacy/Numeracy


NB. Certain competitions will carry more points for winning than others, depending on the size of the competition and the number of students involved. Attendance etc. will be worked out per number of pupils as will the ‘big four’ competitions.




The role of the students in the life of our school is vital in supporting an ethos of strong community.  At Parkside School we   believe that students’ views are vital to the smooth and effective running of the school.  We believe that students should have the opportunity to influence decisions about every day school life.

Our   Student Leadership Team represents the voice of our students and is an integral factor in developing the school and continually moving it forwards. There are 14 members in total, from Year 7 through to Post 16. The team is led by the Head Boy and Head Girl, but all students in the school can play a part in the helping the StLT to achieve their goal of making student voice heard. Some of the duties of the StLT will be; help to organise fundraising events, write a half termly school publication for students and staff to read, act as guides and ambassadors, communicate with staff and students, plus many many more!

During the first half term all student leadership opportunities will be advertised and students are able to apply via a formal application form.  Successful applicants will then be invited for interview.  If opportunities arise throughout the year to join the team, these will be advertised via Progress Tutors.