Keeping safe on the internet


Remote Learning support

Should you experience any difficulty / issues during remote working could you please email

These will be monitored by Mr Barratt and the IT manager to ensure problems will be swiftly addressed.

How to access your school email / Use Microsoft Office

When you need to contact your teachers please ensure you use your school email.

If you forget your password or how to log on you will need to follow these steps;

  1. Email your request through (from a different account ) to
  2. You will need to include the following information in your email: order
  • Full Name
  • Full Parkside Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Last 3 characters of your home postcode

If you have no access to an alternative email address please ring the school and pass on the details above to the receptionist.

How to use SAM Learning

  • Students have details in their planner
    • Centre ID BD13PS
    • User ID = Date of Birth and Initials of name e.g.
    • Password = This is the same as the User ID (010106JS)

010106JS for John Smith, who was born on the 1st January 2006.




As part of the schools nationally acclaimed ASPIRE2b programme we are delighted to provide a comprehensive package of activities that will provide a remote 'experience of work' for our Y10 and Y12 students.

For all aspects relate to CEIAG please contact the schools Careers Leader

How to use START learning profile


Y11 information

Y13 information

To access the careers based learning website;

username - this is the students school email.

password - the student would have changed this when they logged in so will be aware of what it is

Additional resources

Please find additional resources / links to additional resources / cultural activities that can be completed in addition to school work to help extend and enrich the remote learning currently being undertaken.

These websites have been identified by some of the country’s leading educational experts and offer a wide range of support and resources for pupils of all ages.

The DFE list includes subject-specific resources for:

English, Maths, Science, PE, Wellbeing and Special educational needs and disabilities (SEND)

Applied Faculty

(Business Studies, Computer Science, IT, Health and Social Care, Psychology, Sociology)

Head of Faculty - Vanessa McQuaid -

SLT Link - Matt Barratt -

English Faculty

(English and Drama)

Head of Faculty - Samuel Reeves -

SLT Link - Ruth Thackray -

Humanities Faculty

(Geography / History / PSHCE / Religious Studies)

Head of Faculty - Rachel Smith -

SLT Link - Kieren Hanogue -


Head of Faculty - Lee Richardson -

SLT Link - Ruth Thackray -

Modern Foreign Languages

(French / Spanish)

Head of Faculty - Joanne Hotte -

SLT Link -

Physical Education

(PE and Dance)

Head of Faculty - Ben Miller-

SLT Link - Matt Barratt -


Head of Faculty - Hayley Evans -

SLT Link - Ruth Thackray -


(Art / Design Technology / Engineering / Hospitality & Catering / Music / Photography / Textiles)

Head of Faculty - Gill Stone

SLT Link - Matt Barratt