Parkside P.R.I.D.E Curriculum

Parkside PRIDE Curriculum

Curriculum Intent:

Prepared for success at Parkside and beyond

  • Developing employability skills and entering the working world
  • Positively contributing to society
  • Articulating their goals and how they will achieve them

Respectful people who embrace and celebrate diversity

  • Empathetic to the learning and needs of all
  • Understand the importance of tolerance
  • Experience an inclusive learning environment
  • A willingness to participate with enrichment opportunities
  • Continued focus on improving standards of literacy and numeracy
  • A mature approach to learning a breadth of knowledge

Independent and responsible learners

  • Application of metacognitive skills
  • Accepting and acting on feedback positively
  • Making full use of learning opportunities in school and at home

Determined people who strive to improve

  • Being resilient with a positive attitude
  • Actively contributing to learning
  • Having the courage to learn from mistakes

Excellent people with a breadth of experiences

The curriculum is progressive, throughout all of these PRIDE elements students will build on prior knowledge enabling them to access future knowledge.

Curriculum Implementation:

In order for students to deepen their understanding across all subjects at Parkside we are implementing the ‘Parkside PRIDE’ curriculum. This is based on Rosenshine’s principles of instruction:

  • Sequencing concepts
  • Questioning
  • Modelling and practice
  • Reviewing material

Lessons therefore are progress focused, with steps made to:

  • Plan for groups of learners and individual needs
  • Recap essential knowledge
  • Teach the new knowledge / skill
  • Independently practice until a level of consistency is reached
  • Apply the knowledge accurately in a range of contexts

Alongside our teaching, learning and subject development we continue to embed our PRIDE behaviour expectations, promote outstanding attitudes to learning and personal development.

Curriculum Impact:

Each unit studied has a ‘Knowledge and Skills Expectations’ list. Student achievement is measured by assessing the knowledge and skills from each unit. Each student has an expected range to meet, using their prior attainment as a start point.

Following each assessment, a learning review is carried out to address mistakes, challenge misconceptions and practice metacognitive skills. Students have the opportunity to improve their score to reach their expected range and beyond.

The impact of our curriculum is:

  • Progress has improved over the past 4 years from -0.13 to +0.12 (+0.31 in 2020) demonstrating the learning gains made by students over time.
  • AT KS5, the best 3 score has risen from 21.92 to 29.51, with 84% of students in 2020 going on to attend University / Further Education, 8% to Apprenticeships and 8% into employment.
  • Improvements in literacy and numeracy are exemplified in the improvement of Parkside’s progress in English +0.2 (2019), +0.25 (2020) and Maths +0.25 (2019), +0.35 (2020), with English and Maths combined 5+ at 48%.
  • NEET are well below the national rate. In 2019, only 4% of students were identified as being NEET 6 months after leaving Parkside.