Homework will inform teacher assessment and will be planned to link and inform past and future learning.

To allow students to build upon this and promote independent learning.

To develop self-discipline, initiative, research and study skills.



  1. Home learning is an integral part of successful school life and continued progress, therefore work will be set regularly and recorded in student planners
  2. At key stage 3 the core subjects of Maths, English and Science will set homework weekly. Other subjects will set homework every two weeks.
  3.  At key stage 4 all subjects will set homework each week.
  4.  At key stage 5 each teacher will set homework each week    


All students are expected to complete their home learning to the best of their ability.

Home learning will be set and assessed in a variety of ways.

Parents will be informed when students fail to complete home learning.

Learners will be expected to take responsibility for completion of all work missed due to absence.

All learners will have their own unique SAM learning and PIXL Maths online platform from which they are expected to undertake their independent study.

 Parental support

Support the school by valuing home learning opportunities.

Provide a suitable learning environment.

Play an active part in communication between school and home.

Expect that your son/daughter will be required to work independently outside of lessons.

Quality Assurance

Staff will record completion of home learning within their teacher planners.

Home learning will be embedded in to schemes of learning.

Heads of Faculty will monitor home learning as part of the whole school quality assurance programme. 


We are rapidly approaching the Mathematics GCSE examinations, with only 27 teaching days until the first exam on 26th May, 2016.
In addition to the final Aspire Master classes (Wednesday 11th May) and the revision sessions that are being offered to support your child in preparation for these exams we would like to ask you to further support your child at home with a range of Maths revision resources that we will email out each week over the next two months.
Attached is the first home learning support sheet along with examiners tips and a mark scheme for you to download. This week’s questions are suitable for pupils doing both the Higher and Foundation papers.
If your child has any difficulties, please remind them that we are here to help and Maths support is available before school, at break and lunchtime and after school every day in FB5.

We would like to thank you in anticipation of your support. If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact myself or your child's Mathematics teacher.