About Us

About Us

Headteacher's Vision Statement

Parkside School is a forward looking school, situated in a rural location, close to Haworth, West Yorkshire. The school emerged out of the wide scale reorganisation of education in the Bradford district that took place in 2000. The school made an immediate impact on the educational landscape by being oversubscribed in Year 7, a situation which has remained the case throughout its history to date. Its students are below the national average ability on entry and currently progress and outcomes are good or better.

My vision is that teaching and learning is the foundation on which school improvement is made. Experiences have shown me that standards and outcomes will not improve sufficiently unless student learning is consistently stretched, underpinned by effective 'Good' or better daily teaching. It is my responsibility to provide students with a curriculum that not only engages them but offers them the opportunity to maximise their potential achievement or outcomes through an inspirational teaching and learning environment that allows individuals to maximise their own social, emotional, academic and moral development.

I feel distributed leadership is important but it has to be held together with a stringent monitoring and evaluation process designed to identify and deal with underperformance as quickly as possible. Leadership is at its best for me is when it is underpinned by a clear moral purpose around developing the potential ability of each and every student. Sharing this vision, modelling what it looks like and thinking and acting strategically around this has been a core principle in my work.

In terms of moving the school forward, there is a fundamental need for the school to work with its parents / local community and secure a joint vision for the students. The truly inclusive ethos that I firmly believe in can only happen if the partnership between school and its community exists.

In essence there are three overarching areas within a school that need leading and managing in order to drive school improvement forward;

Teaching and Learning: Quality of teaching in the classroom, Staff Performance Management inc. salary progression), Whole school CPD, QA processes (inc. Lesson obs/work scrutiny etc.), PSHC / SMSC, Staff succession planning

Curriculum and Data: Raising attainment through curriculum provision (Pathways), Exams, Recruitment, Data use and analysis across school, School Self Review, external links with community / industry, Alternative provision (curriculum)

Pastoral and Inclusion: Values and Ethos, Behaviour and Attendance, Safeguarding, Inclusion centre development, Attitudes to Learning, Leading and Managing Pastoral staff at all levels, Rewards and Celebrations

The vision in leading this school to the successes its students, staff and stakeholders deserve is based upon fundamental principles which are:

  • To maximise student potential and outcomes through quality teaching and learning.
  • To embed inclusive education for all.
  • To raise aspirations for all stakeholders, staff, students, parents and Governors.
  • To secure a safe and happy learning environment.
  • To make Parkside a beacon of the community and the outstanding school it has the potential to become.

All of the staff at Parkside are passionate about the potential offered by school and the positive impact on the lives of our young people. We have an outstanding commitment to success, underpinned by strong moral values and unremittingly high expectations.

Mr A Taylor