Please follow the link below for the school's admission arrangements through the Local Authority:

Admissions Arrangements for Parkside and Bradford Secondary Schools

The Headteacher and Governors are pleased to announce that following the conclusion of the public consultation, and approval by the Governing Body, the proposed expansion of Parkside School is going ahead, subject to the approval of funding by the Council Executive.

Parkside’s Resourced Provision has commissioned places for 12 students (at any one time) however it is currently oversubscribed. Following discussions with the Local Authority we are capping the number of students on roll in the centre back to a fixed number of 12, thus dealing with the oversubscription and to provide a safe and effective additional provision. This means that we will be not be accepting any Resourced Provision consultations for the 2022-23 and 23-24 academic years. You are still within your right to ask for Parkside to be consulted however we want to be upfront that we will be identifying that we cannot meet needs on health and safety grounds / inefficient use of resources. We advise that you discuss your options with the Local Authority for suitable placements.